Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Want a laugh?

Ooh ooh, I have to tell you about this funny website Warning - contains rude bits/adult content.

I've read it all from start to finish. I laughed so much at many of her comments. Egads, there is some rubbish being offered for sale out there. What on earth were people thinking? It'll make me think twice about some of the stuff I make and wonder about just throwing it in the bin.


  1. Thanks for this Kandy - I enjoyed too long a time this afternoon!

  2. Mmm, yes sorry, I should have warned everyone - it is rather moore-ish. I spent far too long reading through all the posts too, but at least now we can keep up with the latest and it will only take a minute.
    'Himself' thought it was funny too, when I showed him a couple of entries this evening - and said maybe my stuff isn't *so bad* after all!!!! Tsk, what a cheek eh?! Good job supper is already cooking in the oven, or he would be going without!