Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Happy Star Wars Day! & Mirrors

May the Forth be with you - he he he - sorry, couldn't resist.

We went up to Cheltenham to see two programmes of 'I'm Sorry I haven't A Clue' being recorded over the weekend. This photo shows Graham Garden, Tim Brooke Taylor and Barry Cryer, (Jeremy Hardy was the other panellist). Himself likes to listen to this comedy programme on Radio 4 when he's driving home from work, it's been going since 1972 and is now hosted by Jack Dee  - who gives the impression of being a miserable so and so, but off air, in fact is really sweet and quite smiley (not to mention a perfectionist, but in a nice way). I must admit going to this was a treat for Himself, because there where lots of 'in' jokes which only listeners to the programmes would understand, but Himself and the other 2,498 audience members were howling with laughter.
I bought the tickets a couple of weeks ago and when I went back not even two hours later to get a couple more for friends they had completly sold out! Wow, almost like Glasto tickets - I tell you, this here internet makes ticket purchasing both easier and harder. Seems you need to be 'in the know' and have both your mouse and credit card poised or you stand no chance these days.

I've done some more painting, and with this ghastly (but typical) bank holiday weather it's handy to have a conservatory to do it in too!
This time painting a mirror frame that had a very treacly and orange varnish. Sanding this beast took ages. I think this mirror will probably end up in our bedroom.

These are the mirrors we have hanging on our stairway - I really like how they bounce the light back and forth. These are all from the 40's, 50's and 60's. A couple are from my Mother In Law's house but the rest came from junk shops, charity shops, car boot sales and E-bay, they were each around the ten pounds mark. I remove the clips and give them a good wash, it's easy to tell which mirrors have been in homes where they smoked - ugghh! I paint the backing board (usually plywood) taking especial care on the edges, as that's all that gets seen. I polish up the mirrors and fix them back onto the backing boards with the clips. Then Himself hangs them up - using two heavy duty picture hooks per mirror. The wooden letters were a gift from Chic Girl. I still cannot decide where I want them to be placed, so they rest on the ledge and look rather good. Eventually we want the stairway walls covered in old mirrors. I have another two waiting to be cleaned and hung up.