Friday, 27 August 2010

More Button Hearts

My Sister In Law saw my button heart and fancied one for herself, I offered to make her one if she trawled through her Mum's button tin and pulled out the ones she liked. My Niece asked me if she could have one too - so Himself, Chic Girl and Niece chose the red, purple and pink buttons.  
I have just finished making the hearts:
Here's how I did them: 
 Find a heart shape approximately 5" - 6" high and draw around the shape not forgetting to leave a space for turning the heart the right way around!
Fold up approximately 14" narrow ribbon and pin the folds but leave the ends free (this makes it much less likely to get caught in the seamsPlace the ribbon ends so that they sit in the dip of the heartpin in place 
Sew around the heart shape using a tiny stitch length - but don't forget to leave the turning gap. Snip all the curves very carefullyTurn the heart out  - remembering the pin in the hanging ribbon is still in there. Carefully push out the seams, stuff very firmly (I use a light polyester stuffing from Dunelm.) Do not use your scissors to push the stuffing in the point, I find a spoon handle or large wooden knitting needle works for me. Find a nice long but fine needle (mine is for doll making) and some strong thread sew on the buttons.
Sorry about the photos being all over the place, I can't seem to move them:-(