Tuesday, 7 September 2010

I'll stay at home then....

Gah, no car today as it's having another head gasket fitted. The head gasket went and was replaced by a garage up in Norwich, but apparently the silly boys forgot to 'skim the head' so the engine smoked like a good 'un and we were pouring oil in, which promptly leaked all over the floor - bad times:-( The Norwich garage said we could take it to our local garage to have a new head gasket done and they would reimburse us since this will cost another £300 plus, I do hope they stump up the cash.
Last night Himself and I went for a walk through the fields next to our house, usually it's just the two of us, but on this occasion Bagel decided to follow us. We were convinced he would give up after a few metres as he's not a cat who like exercise, but we were astonished that he just kept up with us - only stopping occasionally to look around and miaow loudly as if to say "I don't recognise this bit - lets stop now and go home" we carried on walking fully expecting him to either make his own way home or stop and have a rest, but he kept running and doing his level best to keep up with us (we did keep stopping to give him a chance). We decided we wouldn't go into the field where the cows were as that might completely freak him out. so we kept walking for well over a mile making the most of the mild evening. When we got home, poor Bagel flopped on the rug in front of the TV and barely moved for the rest of the evening, I bet he slept like a log last night!

So today I was going to do a few errands on foot, but this is what greeted me: 
I thought I might make a new ironing board cover instead. Two layers of 100% cotton wadding, steamed to shrink before cutting to size. The top fabric was a spare bit of jolly yellow fabric washed on a very hot white wash to make sure the colour doesn't run and it's finished shrinking.I used the old cover as a template and re-used the gathering cord. Using a zig zag stitch and the cording foot, I attach the cord to the raw edge (no need to hem) Gather up the cord smoothing the cover over the wadding layers. My sleeve board was made in the same way. Next I caught up on all the mending - boring but necessary