Thursday, 25 August 2011

Another quilt start part 2

Thanks for your lovely comments.
Now I've finished piecing the top , I think it looks  fairly OK, so I'll tease you no more.
I used just six 'jelly roll' strips and six white strips to piece the centre.
Here are all the squares all pieced together:

Adding the red and white striped 1/4" finished size border:

 The finished quilt top - before I've done any quilting:

I think I'll quilt a simple 'squiggle' in all the white squares and then something 'fancy' in the white 4" borders, probably my usual freeform feathers......

Another quilt start...

I've started another cot quilt....
It's going to be simple 2" squares:
 The fabrics have very strong colour contrasts:
 Chic Girl tells me babies like this, as when they are first born they can see strong colour contrasts easily. I'm not sure I really like it at the moment, but that might be because I've been sewing such soft and pale colours for ages.

 I think it might look better when I've added this tiny striped border and a big fat white border:
I'll carry on sewing it all together and if I still think it looks vaguely OK, I'll post more pictures later.

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I love finishing a quilt and eating cakes:-)

Hand stitching the binding - urrgghhh, the one bit of quiltmaking I don't enjoy. But it's necessary and it means the quilt is finished, so I can move on to the next thing...... Too many ideas, too little spare time!
Anyway, here is the finished quilt:
Oooh, the edges are not this wavy in reality, so must be because the quilt was laying on the uneven grass.

Himself & I went over to Chic Girl and Whizz kids house, because they wanted a bit of help to make a cupboard over their stairs.  This is Himself putting in the wooden framework in their bedroom:
Whizz Kid got a bit covered in brick dust:
 So while the boys knocked a hole in thebedroom wall upstairs, Chic girl wisely stayed out of the way downstairs and iced some fairy cakes......

Just adding a few sprinkles.....  
Would you like one?

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Scrappy hexagon update

I've done a few more hexies, but still quite a way to go before this becomes anything worthwhile. Am kind of regretting making them so blimmin' small!

Seventeen and a half blocks and lots of cream borders so far.........

I have washed and blocked out the butter yellow quilt, just needs trimming and the binding to sew on now......
It is intended as a cot quilt for our Grandchild, but if it's not to Chic Girls liking, I got the impression my Mama would like it.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Quilting the borders

Ive decided not to quilt any more in the blank blocks - at least until the quilt is washed and shrunk. I'll then have another look and see what if I think it needs more, but I suspect it'll look fine just as it is. I have now finished quilting the border.
Here is one corner:
 How strange - this picture below is supposed to be landscape, but blogger decided it will not let me have it in that orientation, despite it being saved as 'landscape'. Anyway it's a close up of the centre border.
 The whole quilt, hung out on my line, just before I washed the few remaining quilting lines out:
 Here is the quilt in the bath, being given a cold shower to remove all traces of the blue marking pen before the quilt goes in the washing machine.