Monday, 25 April 2011

An announcement

I'm very happy to be able announce that Chic Girl and the Whizz Kid are expecting a baby:-) We all knew ages ago of course, but they wanted to be able to tell special friends personally before a general announcement was put out.

Mordecai Wilberthwaite Sasquatch Bubba Sargunar is due on the 2nd October, the day after their wedding anniversary! Hopefully he/she will be kind and not arrive on that particular day, although babies are not very good at paying attention to dates are they?

We are all thrilled to bits and I cannot wait to be a granny. Chic Girl has quite a lovely little bump and at 17 weeks finding not very many of her clothes fit her any more.

Chic Girl was also a bit superstitious about any baby stuff coming into the house - but now the buying and sewing frenzy can begin - Mwahahahahaha

Monday, 4 April 2011

Fast basting

One of my Christmas gifts was a Sewline fabric glue pen from Jo at Villavin. I didn't do anything with it at first, not being so sure what I could use it for..... despite Jo writing me a note saying that "sometimes life is too short for pins". You know what, she is so right! It's just perfect for basting the fabric on to the papers , it's so much easier and quicker than hand basting.  Thanks Jo:-)

Of course now I'm slightly concerned that I am going to run out of the glue and so I need to buy refills and sooner rather than later!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

A commission....

To make a "Goth and  Girly but not too sugary" Name wallhanging for a one year old's birthday present.
These were the fabrics  chosen from my stash:

I carefully matched the threads to the colour for each letter:
As you can see I did some very simple quilting:
And this is the finished wallhanging finished today - cute eh?