Thursday, 25 August 2011

Another quilt start...

I've started another cot quilt....
It's going to be simple 2" squares:
 The fabrics have very strong colour contrasts:
 Chic Girl tells me babies like this, as when they are first born they can see strong colour contrasts easily. I'm not sure I really like it at the moment, but that might be because I've been sewing such soft and pale colours for ages.

 I think it might look better when I've added this tiny striped border and a big fat white border:
I'll carry on sewing it all together and if I still think it looks vaguely OK, I'll post more pictures later.


  1. Kandy you can't not show us after this litle teaser! When is the baby due??

  2. It will be gorgeous! I think it's a great colour story. A friend once lent me some newborn baby books that were all just black and white patterns, apparently babies can 'read' this LOL.

  3. Love the sneak peeks....cant wait to see the finished project!!!

  4. I love it! It looks a bit cat-in-the-hat ish at the moment