Thursday, 1 October 2009

On the road again and in the garden

Car now mended - huzzah. Paid for out of savings and still just about enough left to pay for the new windows too - huzzah.

We've seen our (double glazed) stained and cut glass insert for our new front door.
What do you think? It's rather plain I know, but we didn't want it too heavily decorated. It needed to be a good size to let in plenty of light as the hallway can get rather dark. I'm looking forward to having a new front door fitted.

I made the most of the weather today and did some gardening. So here's a photo of one part of the garden, leading up to the back gate. (If you enlarge the photo the pale 'blob' on the bench is Champagne) this is a favourite spot of hers as she can see when Himself comes home so she can trip him up by winding through his legs as he walks along the path.
I thought it was lovely outside today and I know the weather is going to turn autumnal very soon, if not tomorrow.

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  1. Hello Kandy,

    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. How funny that we started our blog the same month. I have been visiting your blog for the first time today and I shall definitely come back. And what a surprise to see a picture on your blog with the road sign for Amiens on your blog. I grew up near there!
    Thanks for your wonderful work for the BQL challenge, I am truly enjoying it even though I seem to do it more and more late every month...
    Take care,