Saturday, 10 October 2009


I bought some goodies in Hobbycraft: Some variegated embroidery floss. Plastic floss winders. A pack of split rings. A remnant of just over a metre, of beaded 'pom poms' and finally two Fiskars 60mm rotary cutting blades for £1.99 each, on 'clearance'. I was slightly worried they wouldn't fit my rotary cutter, but they do - excellent. Just a shame they only had the two in stock, or I'd go back for more. Didn't think to look for other sizes while I was there. Doh!

I also bought ten metres of fusible buckram from Dunelm:This is what I use for my fabric postcards. Good grief, it's gone up from 59p per metre to 69p! That's one heck of a price hike. Still, it is good stuff.

On recommendation from someone on BQL, I also went into Boots and bought a two 'Natural Collection' mascaras and a clear nail varnish, all for £5. I've tried out all three and am very impressed. The mascara is easily as good as my normal far pricier Max Factor X-tra mascara - and with my short blond stumps I need all the help I can get. I hope it's easy to take off this evening though. Lets face it, clear nail varnish is clear nail varnish, so that's fine. I'd love to be one of those ladies who has her nails beautifully manicured every week and manages to keep a nice colour un-chipped for more than a day, but it isn't going to happen, so I generally stick with a clear varnish.


  1. Hi Kandy - just found you through Kate's blog - great to see the cats are still going strong - my kids still mention them now and again even after all this time

  2. I love those pompoms! I bought red ones one year and they are so cute. The variegated floss sounds yummy too!

  3. Thanks Anne - yes both mogs very much making their prescence felt and heard! Gosh, how long ago was that? You know you are welcome to borrow my Bernina again any time!

    Mmmmm - yes, Karol Ann, I do love pom poms! Oooh red ones sound lovely, they only had white, black and muddy purple in our Hobbycraft. I have no idea what I'm going to do with mine yet, but they were calling for me to buy them, so I couldn't say no!! Have you used yours for anything yet?