Friday, 30 October 2009

Paris squares - Quilting the middle

I have done some machine quilting on my Paris Squares quilt. Forgot to say in the basting tutorial. I use a spare bit of fabric and stick it on the outside bit of wadding and backing fabric.This is so I can check my tension using the identical fabrics and wadding that I have used in my quilt. I also use it to test out any markers that I may use on my quilt. Especially now I have heard from a couple people that they have had trouble removing quilting pens on some fabrics. I have to say this has never happened to me, but I've seen how upsetting it can be.

Another tip I would like to share: I like to mark my 'exit routes' while machine quilting, it helps me to aim in the right direction and not get myself blocked into a corner (so easy to do when concentrating so hard on the quilting) so I have to either stop and re-start quilting or I have to go over previously sew lines, both of which I don't like to do. I use those little tiny 'post-it' page markers, when one loses all it's stick, I just bin it and use another. They are easy to peel off.
I have now done all the quilting on the centre part of the quilt - just a boring squiggle I'm afraid. Sorry.
I shall do something a little more fancy in the borders.

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