Sunday, 25 October 2009

My Clever Parents

We drove down to see my Parents yesterday, a horrible journey in the pouring rain. What a grotty start to half term, we saw loads of caravans heading off to the New Forest, Devon and Cornwall - I only hope they have better weather there.

My Mother has been a busy lady, she's doing a City & Guilds embroidery course and if you thought this was a group of ladies sitting in a circle doing a little gentile sewing, you couldn't be more wrong! Here is my Mum with one of her wallhangings:
She does lots of diverse things with her fabrics including, felting, distressing, burning and dyeing and of course stitching. Lots of her pieces are made using silk dupion, which gives the most amazing sheen and two tone effect to her work. This is an interesting sampler piece with all the wonderful three dimensional aspects, My photos do not do her work justice.She's having a ball and has made so many creative pieces, including this painted and manipulated silk box and vase, inspired by cauliflower stalks of all things!I suspect she'll be quite sad when it's all over and will be looking for another challenge.
This piece:is a very subtle 3d composition of hand felted, embroidered and beaded shells and molluscs, the oyster shell in the middle lifts up and has more embroidery inside.

My Father has taken up watercolours since he retired and we have been lucky enough to have been given a couple of pictures to hang on our walls. He specialises in painting buildings and architecture, his work gets better and better.
EDIT: My Mum would love to know what you think of her stuff, please leave a comment so I can tell her.


  1. Your mum definitely has a great eye for colour - she's even matched her clothing to the wall hanging for goodness sake :o) Joking apart her work is lovely I really like the second item - reminds me of a row-on-row quilt. How wonderful to be retired and have the time to indulge yourself whether it be embroidery, water colour painting or even quilting

  2. WOW these look sooo professional. Bravo Mother.

    I think the divide between art quilting and art embroidery gets smaller every year - but you still need the artistic eye which she undoubtedly has.

    I wondered where you got it from Kandy.

    Helen from Hobart