Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Must be time to knit.......

Unfortunately, I cannot follow a knitting pattern. Gah, all the counting and all the numbers just swim before my eyes. But I can do scarves!Here is a scarf I knitted a couple of years ago (using three slightly fluffy balls of wool,) thinking a four by four rib would be nice. It was, but the scarf was just a bit too short:-(
So this year I unravelled all the wool and re-knitted it in a moss stitch - huzzah, a good wearable length now.The colour in this photo is more realistic now too!
I started another scarf yesterday evening using some black fluffy wool, but with variegated flecks This one will probably be a gift for some poor unsuspecting soul......Mwahahahaha (they should just be grateful I cannot knit jumpers!)

To knit one scarf, measuring approximately 170cm long x 240cm wide. You will need a minimum of three 50gm balls (Double knit) yarn. One pair of either 4.5mm or 5mm knitting needles:

1) Cast on 45 stitches (it has to be an odd number for moss stitch)
2) Knit one, purl one, to the end of the row.
3) Turn scarf over and knit one, purl one, and just then keep going until you only have about three scarf width lengths of yarn left, this should give you just enough to cast off.
4) Sew in the two loose yarn ends and admire your finished scarf.

Here's what I did last night, while watching TV. Some programmes are better than others to do knitting or embroidering. Last night while 'University Challenge', 'Masterchef' & Ugly Betty were on, I could knit and keep half an eye on the telly. 'Life' (the new David Attenborough series) and 'Spirals' (French subtitled series, recorded from Sunday night) I need to pay close attention, so not many rows done. Still, I shall plod on and hopefully if I record my progress here, it will get finished this year!
My lovely neighbour Marjorie came round for coffee this morning and surprised me with some gloves she had knitted for me as a thank you gift: aren't they wonderful? I have looooong fingers (well, I am 6' tall, so it's to be expected) and 'normal' gloves never fit lengthwise on my fingers properly, so it's really nice to have a pair that do.Apparently some loooong hand knitted socks are on their way too - Mmmmmmmmm.

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