Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Paris squares

This quilt seemed like such a good idea when I designed it using EQ6........
but eleventy thousand tiny squares later, I'm not so sure.......
I seem to be forever cutting and sewing.......

Thinking how good all these 3/4" finished sized squares were going to look........
and it was all going so well.....
Ah. Nuts on toast! Erm, d'you think anyone will notice?

Oh alright then, I'll get my stitch unpicker.......


  1. I'm sure the quilt will be amazing. And I still think the little ladybirds could be aliens.!

  2. Rippit, Rippit, Rippit - a little frog stitching for French designs - perfect!

    It will be worth it, you know it will!

    love, Plum

  3. Thanks very much to both of you - I've put that block right - it did stand out rather a lot.

  4. You know it took me a while to notice - but it will be worth the unpicking because it will annoy you later. That I can guarantee. We always notice our own mistakes and never forgive ourselves as we would others! But it's going to be great!