Friday, 2 October 2009

A little moaning

How do you feel about how folk write e-mails? I now realise I really do dislike being 'shouted at' by people using capital letters when writing e-mails. I'm not expecting perfect grammar (crikey, have you seen what I write?!) My heckles don't especially rise with a mistyped word here and there (again, stones and glass houses spring to mind) But I find myself feeling very uncivil when folk don't use any punctuation at all, or a spell checker. And then use use all capitals as a subject title too, so much so that when I read that e-mail, I'm almost guaranteed not to be particularly helpful. Is that very old fashioned of me or am I just out of touch and a Grumpy Old Woman? Actually I know the answer to that - and you know what, I don't think I mind;-p

I promise my next post will be nice and fluffy and not contain any more moaning......


  1. If you are a G.O.W. then so am I - I find the whole thing about carelessly written emails extremely rude. Not just 'shouting' in upper case, but also the lack of editing. It only takes a second or two to read what has been typed and add the odd comma, maybe even a full stop on a good day.

  2. I often send what I think are highly witty or humorous emails only to reread them later and cringe. So in defense of some of us who are not as good at the written word (can't think of a witty end to this sentence LOL).

    But I agree, I hate emails written all in CAPS!