Sunday, 8 November 2009

Yum yum/ I'm a party pooper

Himself arrived home safely from Switzerland and bought me a couple of prezzies. A bottle of my fav tipple - Bombay Sapphire:-) and a box of Luxembergli, which I know are horribly expensive but sooooo good. Sadly these got a bit squashed in his suitcase:-( They need eating quickly, see:so who am I to argue! Now which one to eat first.........Mmmmm, they still tasted very good indeed.

Himself & I went to a party at Bar Ha Ha in Cheltenham. It was a birthday party for one of his work colleagues, none of whom I've ever met before. It's a scary thing walking into a room containing well over a hundred people when you only know the person you have walked in with. I've slowly reached the realisation that I don't actually like parties any more. I must be an old fogey! I'm sure I remember parties used to consist of loud music, lots of dancing (or at least shuffling about) a little inane conversation and some drinking in between dancing your socks off. I like that. Now it seems, everyone stands around all evening (a killer, especially when I've been on my feet all day at work) talking and drinking - now don't get me wrong, I am fond of a drink, so that part I don't have a problem with, but no one dances any more. The music still plays though, making conversation very difficult for me because I'm as deaf as a post. Himself was lovely being the designated driver, drinking orange juice all evening* I was so pleased when the lovely AG turned up, who I know from when she lived and worked for 'The Company' in Swindon. Although AG doesn't work for 'The Company' any more she was invited to the party by the birthday girl as they are good friends. We were party poopers and left just after eleven o'clock. Well, it takes a while to drive home from Cheltenham.

* Himself had a really sore throat, presumably from all that juice. I didn't have a hangover at all - despite all the G&T's, there is no justice is there?!

I need to get a really good excuse lined up ready for the next party invite though..... Any ideas?

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