Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Good Times -Bad Times

My computer appears to have stopped crashing . The Whizz Kid really is a whizz and did all sorts of tech-y things last night, while I was here and he was in Bristol. I have a 'Log Me In' facility - so useful as it means he can do diagnostics from his computer and 'take over' my computer, even though we are miles apart, he used to tease me by fooling around with my mouse, which was weird until I got used to him doing it - it's not so much fun for him now though, coz I don't squeal! We communicate on screen by using 'notepad'. So he tells me my main disc at 465gb (BigBoy*) is fine, hasn't been corrupted and still has plenty of room. My smaller disc (Dave*) however has come to the end of his usefulness, at 12gb he's just not man enough for the job anymore. Such a shame, as he's the only original bit of my computer from the year 2000, when I was told by the cocky salesman at PC World that the disc was HUGE and I'd never fill it. Ha ha ha ha. Wrong, wrong, diddly wrong! Although to be fair to him, I don't suppose he expected just how much computers play a part in our lives now, with so much software, digital photos, videos, i-Tunes etc. all needing disc space. So am going to get a new disc drive. But, what to call it....... Any ideas? I'll send a prize if anyone comes up with a really good name.

*Names carefully chosen by Lanky boy and Whizz Kid - bless 'em.
p.s. So not putting BigBoy as a 'label' as I suspect that could get me into all sorts of trouble...

EDIT: Gah - spoke too soon, it's crashed twice this afternoon already - very irritating when trying to watch a film to help relieve the tedium of the ever present ironing. Hmmm, trying to find the scene that you haven't watched yet is quite elusive......

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  1. Thanks for your nice comments Kandy. Some of the things I make are thanks to you and the BQL challenge that you are organising so thanks to you!
    I enjoy reading your blog too! Take care,