Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Now why didn't I do this years ago?

We 'inherited' a bookcase and it's sat in our dining room, filled with DVD's and some of my recipe books. The thing is, I've never actually liked it! I knew it wasn't precious, I think it's called utility furniture, knocked together cheaply after the war, using cheap, thin wood and plywood, covered in a treacly varnish and aimed at young married couples. Probably the MFI/Ikea furniture of it's day! So yesterday I decided to empty it, sand it down (oooh, I hate doing that job) and then paint it. Even with one coat of paint, I liked it better already. I used Farrow and Ball, Lime white, as an 'undercoat' but as I've used it before, I knew it would be too creamy a colour, so I've top coated it in F&B, Strong white. Now it's completely dry I've filled it up again, but this time the DVD's are arranged by colour instead of alphabetically, hee hee hee. Actually, I think it does look slightly neater. Himself will probably have a fit when he gets back from Switzerland and will almost certainly complain he cannot find anything.

Champagne (inside) and Bagel (outside) stared at each other through the conservatory door for ages, Now Bagel is a cat who prefers to use a door rather than squeeeeeze himself through the cat flap, so when I saw them still sitting there, I had to get a photo. Note the paw marks on the glass, this is just after Bagel has stretched himself up to ask/beg me to let him in, he's been walking over the grass which is still wet from the downpour we had this morning.

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