Thursday, 5 November 2009

Paris squares - quilting the borders......

More quilting. Here I used a disappearing pen (the ink is supposed to show for 24-48 hours, but I'm lucky if a get an hour or two!)I raided my small change pot and pulled out the 2 pence pieces, placed two in the corners and then just spaced out the coins remembering to allow for the pen to go in between the coins. All the other coins then get put away and you just use these coins for each side of the quilt, then you know how many to use and don't have to keep checking there are the same amount of loops on each side. Here you can barely see the loops drawn in purple ink, so I need to go now and quilt this quickly.....
The inside part I just eyeballed and did the loops in joined up writing e e e e e's.
Next border is a large zig zag. First I draw a diagonal line out to each corner, then place the ruler across the border at a 45 degree angle. Draw a line across, I made each line 4" long. Then do the same on the opposite corner - keep drawing those zig zags, keeping each side level until you reach the middle, when hopefully they will meet! I didn't bother drawing in the little flowers, I just quilted them in as I went along. The next border was the tiny squares, so I did tiny squiggles in the white squares. Just one more border to quilt now....


  1. Cool quilting! And mine is improving too (now that I'm not forcing it in the wrong direction so much). I think i need to get one of those pens!

  2. Waouh Kandy I was away a week and you have made so much. I am amazed that you have nearly ? finsihed your Paris quilt. You run your projects much faster than me. Oh and I love it. The tiny aqua squares are great, maybe I'll get to see it in real some day .
    Enjoy the week end, sunny for a change.

  3. Kandy, I 'need' to get one of those pens, I have been dreaming about butterfly quilting using an amazing pen that disappears and I'm inspired by your quilting with it. What make is it etc.. please?