Tuesday, 24 November 2009

What a busy week!

Wooosh. That was last week flying by.

Last Monday, four of us from the UK sewing list got together at AR's house, had a delicious lunch and talked all day. We all felt slightly guilty, because not one of us had done any dressmaking for ages. Oh well, lets discuss other things then.... AR has been card making and how - wow, she has made some really beautiful cards.

During the afternoon, one of AR's neighbours brought her a brace of pheasants and the three of us were like giddy school girls, never having seen pheasants up so close. We are such townies! Who knew pheasant feathers were so beautiful and so varied?Honestly the colours easily rivalled any exotic jungle bird. So naturally, I came over all 'Japanese tourist' and whipped my camera out: AR suggested we plucked the birds for her before she popped them in the freezer. We declined. Although we did take out one or two feathers for study purposes. Actually, it felt very weird pulling feathers from a bird - not something I've ever done before.

Tuesday I spent the entire day moving furniture, rugs etc. away from all the windows, then clearing/cleaning all the window cills and finding temporary homes for all my plants, not easy when our conservatory resembles Kew gardens. Anyway I managed, which is just as well as on Wednesday at 7.45am the double glazing guys arrived - hey, what happened to the 9am start boys? Fortunatly, because my brother phoned me from Hawaii at 6am, (he always phones at stupid o'clock in the morning, good job I love him!) Himself and I were both up and dressed and ready for them, phew. Himself and I went to work for the next three days while the double glazing was being done, it was interesting coming home each evening to more cozyness and lovely new windows and a then a new front door as they worked their way through the house. Apparently they loved Bagel, although/because he was a complete tart, 'talking' to them as they worked and helping them to eat their cheese and onion hula hoops. Tch, so much for Bagel's diet then! The boys finished everything at about 7.30pm on Friday evening. Himself and I are very pleased with the double glazing company. From start to finish they have been great. I'm so glad we decided to go with a local independent company - rather than one of the 'big boys'. Our new front door - white on the inside, 'oak' on the outside.

Update - The ladybirds have settled down nicely in their jar, inside the wardrobe and are sleeping. There are just a few bugs bumbling sleepily around, but on the whole they look to be OK. No word yet from the Ladybird experts.


  1. Dear Kandy, a friend once gave us a brace of pheasants. I'm not a bit squeamish - I've cleaned rabbits and fish before - but it was hard to bring myself to deal with these birds. They were so beautiful, I had to keep stroking them. The cold, silky plumage was just too good to spoil (like expensive silk fabric, I suppose). In the end, I didn't pluck them, just skinned them like rabbits, which worked fine except that they seemed to shed feathers voluntarily - the house was filled up with the darned things! Margery.

  2. AR said she was going to skin 'em too, as plucking just took too darn long.

    The feathers are very beautiful, I have some here in a plastic bag, I have no idea what to do with them, but they are lovely, I couldn't believe the variety of colours. I did stroke the plumage a little, but it felt very peculiar, I almost expected them to move - I ought to point out I'm soft in the head!

    How lucky for you, that you have a strong stomach, I envy you. I am terribly squeamish - what a wuss eh? I can remember as a teenager my Mama handed me a chicken and told me to gut it as we wanted it for that day - I couldn't do it. Even the thought of touching those innards and I had to fight not to throw up on the spot, I was gagging like a good 'un. Jolly good job my friend was round at our house for dinner that day because she just did it without batting an eyelid, saying she often dealt with the chickens for her Mum. Honestly, I would be a veggie if I had to deal with meat on such a realistic scale! Thank goodness for Sainsbury's pre-packed I say:-)

  3. Don't those feathers look amazing in your photos, makes me look at them with a new eye. Last week it was partridge, not so decorative but softly pretty. Yum!

    Lovely day, would you believe the lilies are still looking good, thank you!