Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Clever Parents #2

I realised I didn't post any photos of my Father's work, bad daughter!

Since I didn't take any photos at my parents house I shall show you the three paintings of his that we own:
This is one of his earlier works, and Daddy has been very clever with the wording on this French shop, but I shan't say any more. I love the gentle colouring, this looks super hung in our hallway.
This painting is of one of our garden gates.... The one which leads to our garage, he's changed the colour of the buddlia flowers that are growing there, in reality they are purples and white, although red looks better for a picture. I especially like the sunshine and shadow on the ground
This one is a fairly recent painting, I like how my Dad really captures the mood and colours of an Italian street market.

p.s - I've just realised how to make the pictures on the blog much bigger - doh! I might go and replace some photos now.......

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  1. Love the Italian one so much! Wow, he is so clever!!