Monday, 9 November 2009

Quilting Feathers

Spitting them too...... My computer keeps crashing and I've been trying to write an e-mail to someone and each time it crashes the e-mail doesn't 'save'. Gah, I've given up for the moment - will have to wait until some tech support gets home from work! Instead I thought I would show some of the quilting I've done....
I'm fairly pleased with the feathers, I could do with more practice though. After I quilted the first row of feathers I decided to echo quilt around each swag. (I stopped and took a photo after only one side had been echo quilted as all of my bobbins had been used and I need to sit down and wind another ten bobbins) so watched a bit more of my Patsy Thomson DVD. While I was watching, I noticed she wore gloves to do her quilting. I'm guessing it's coz she finds them useful rather than being reluctant to get a manicure! Well, I'm not about to fork out £££'s for a pair of genuine machine quilting gloves before having a little practice with something similar. So these 'exfoliating' gloves will do. They are waaaay too small for my hands, but they will stretch (to a certain extent). Not a perfect fit, but they'll do.I tried 'em and I liked 'em. Feels weird sewing with gloves on though. Himself walked into my sewing room and told me to switch on the boost for the central heating if I was that cold (it has turned blimmin' chilly here today.) He thinks I've lost my mind and didn't quite believe that sane women quilt with gloves on, but never mind, I'm gonna get me some proper ones now.


  1. Oh Kandy that made me laugh right out loud - just what I needed today :o)

  2. Glad it made you laugh. chin up. Has your DD been cruel to you on Facebook again?