Monday, 29 June 2009

Himself and I are off to Glastonbury

Left at 7.40am, Thursday morning and on The Whizz Kid's advice, avoided major roads. We stopped and had a coffee break at a tatty Little Chef and got to the Glastonbury site at 10am. Splendid, parked in 'Pink' West 32 (Miles from the nearest entrance) and loaded ourselves up for the trek.
Our chosen spot was next to two brothers who had driven over from Ireland, they kindly offered to give us a hand pitching our tent. People were arriving constantly and we then had some new neighbours - two chaps who had bought a new tent and no idea how to put it up & of course the instructions were ignored. I offered to hold one end while they fastened the other but my offer was declined, so I read my book and surreptitiously watched while they struggled, trying very hard not to laugh out loud. Seriously, it was like something from the Chuckle Brothers. One end of the tent would fall over while they both attended the other, and then vice versa - this went on for twenty minutes. Not much sleep that night as lots of partying going on and we managed a couple of hours kip at the most. We woke to steady rain at 4.30am - ugghhh. The rain carried on for most of the morning, but finally brightened up just in time for us to go and see our first act. Good job we bought wellies though....
Last year we found Henry's Beard Cafe to eat - they really do make the best breakfasts.
Waiting for Rolf Harris at Jazz World stage. After the initial rain - the rest of the weekend was boiling hot and despite using warp factor 30 sun cream we were both a bit crispy by Sunday.
Michael Jackson T-shirts for sale in the marketplace printed with: Wanted 5th Member for Jackson Five - It don't matter if you're black or white.
Wheelie Bin drummers at the entrance to the circus fields.
'The Park' entrance.
Blur on the Pyramid Stage.
We left on Sunday night and got home at 2am.
Looking forward to next year already.....

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