Wednesday, 17 June 2009

It only takes a minute girl.......

To get to Cardiff Millenium Stadium - but it takes flippin' hours to get home again!

On Tuesday night Chip Girl & I went to see Take That in concert - OMG, I honestly have never seen anything quite like it.

This wasn't just four blokes singing and prancing around to 60,0000 screaming women and a few men. This was a full on circus production. Notice the huge elephant in the above photo, Take That were all stood on top and sang while the elephant gradually turned around and walked back towards the big top. The 'tail' was a woman hanging upside down and swaying. They sang lots of old favourites and had clearly been working out as some of the dance routines were pretty full on.

It was all amazing - and always so much to look at - no break for the group, loads of costume changes, plenty of dancing and of course all of us in the audience screamed our lungs out! Ahem, I'm still a little raspy today!

In fact there was so much to look at all the time - jugglers, clowns, a man tap dancing on a huge drum. A woman with hoola hoops on fire who was then winched into the air where she continued to gyrate her body to keep the flaming hoop spinning. A tightrope walker (without a safety net) who managed to go across three long wires without falling. We saw trapeze artistes and people inside huge metal wheels who rolled up and down the extended stage. At one point Howard, Jason and Mark all gingerly got on unicycles and sped up and down the runway, Gary however came trundling along on a little kids bike with training wheels - too funny.

Re-light My Fire saw Oletea Adams come on stage and sing - and boy, that lady has some stage prescence (sp?) and most of it says "don't mess with me"!

The only downside was the traffic to get in and out of Cardiff, which was horrendous - The Whizz Kid came to Cardiff to collect us and we sat in traffic for hours, I've never seen anything quite like it. I didn't get home until 3am and was like a croaky zombie all day at work today. But it was still, so worth it. I'd go again in a heartbeat, although I wouldn't even class myself as a fan!

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