Friday, 5 June 2009

Bags - made by me

This one is mine, designed for the BQL bag challenge in 2008. The pattern/tutorial for this bag is available from Villavin crafts

Purple velvet for Chic Girl.

Made for an internet friend.

My lovely Chic Girl modelling in the style of sixties knitting patterns with her cow print bag.

This one is for me, made using furnishing weight linen and a feather boa.

Lovely fabric eh? Made two of these bags, one for Chic Girl and one for Lanky Boy's Girlfriend - they both seemed to like them very much. No more of this fabric left though.

Two of the three bags I designed and made for Chic Girl's Bridesmaids.

Silk bag for Chic Girl, made from the same fabric as her wedding dress and lined with her Bridesmaids dresses fabric.

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