Sunday, 21 June 2009

Quilt show at Sandown

Himself & I went to the patchwork championships today at Sandown racecourse, courtesy of Ros Pollock who kindly sent me her two tickets in exchange for taking photos of the three quilts she entered (Ros won two first place rosettes and a second place rosette).

Because either the NQC dates have always been the same as Glastonbury and/or Chip Girl's birthday, it's been at least seven years since I have attended this show. Hmmmm, it is much smaller than the last time I came (I think it was at Ascot). I guess the Festival of Quilts at the NEC has really stolen this quilt shows thunder. I am going to try hard and get a quilt made to enter here next year. It would be sad for a quilt show to just fade away.

One of the stands.

Some of us from BQL met up at 2pm. A couple of other members stayed just out of shot. Ack, it's only a photo people - It's not like I'm not going to steal your soul!

Two landscape quilts by Sally Holman

Ros Pollock - 'Coneflowers'

Detail from 'Coneflowers' - the butterflies were slightly 3d
I looked hard but did not get a whiff of a printed catalogue at the show. Grrrr. So although I did take lots more photos I thought I would be able to read the names off the photos when they were uploaded on to the computer - but I couldn't quite read the printed slips on the screen, (they were very small) so I don't feel comfortable about putting up photos of quilts without the makers names. Most annoying.

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