Thursday, 17 December 2009

No tree yet, but I got the skirt.....

Tada! I've finished the tree skirt. I love the colours, the quilting, the ric rac and the shape. Shame it's going to be too big, never mind, it'll do.

I embroidered these cream on cream Christmas doves earlier in the year, using some of my vintage Irish linen (washed many times) I've just added some borders and going to have some fun quilting them and make them into small cushions.

Also thinking about making a hottie cover - Coz, boy do my feet get cold. I'd better get a move on eh, it's freezing out there.

Look who I found pottering around the landing windowsill this morning - a two spot ladybirdhe was heading towards this guysilly boy, he'll get very lonely, snowmen are not known for their social skills. Two spot is now with all of his other mates in the wardrobe.

Never did hear back from the ladybird experts - don't know what to do, we are pretty sure there are quite a few large Harlequin ladybirds mixed in with the smaller natives - ack, do we pick 'em out and commit Harlequin genocide?

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  1. Your feather quilting is added so much to the tree skirt!!