Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Going to the flicks....

We have just returned from the cinema where we saw 'Avatar' in 3D.
Wow - what a film. Fab-u-lous. It's a real visual feast (OK, am going to commit possible heresy here) It was visually, as good as, if not better than the LOTR films and boy did I love all the intricate detail in those films. Roll on the DVD! If you get a chance to see Avatar, please do try. Oh and I strongly recommend you see it in 3D too, even if it means not going to your normal cinema coz they don't show any 3D films there grrrrr. I thought the story was good and although the film was long - there was so much to look at, I didn't even sneak a look at my watch at any point, I was too enthralled. If you saw Fern Gully (which I only really remember for the lovely flora and fauna) it had a similar feel, but more (ha ha ha) 'realistic' looking.

It was raining when we arrived and continued to rain while we were in the cinema, so when we came out, all the snow had gone, however driving nearer and nearer to our village, it became clear that the rain didn't get over to us - as all the snow was still all around with the roads very glittery, which means they would be getting icy overnight. Not good.

Here is a shot of our tree this year before the presents went underneath (only so I could show off about the tree skirt!) I went for a white colour scheme (again) with a touch of blue/turquoise this time. White decorations have been easy to find this year. Although since I already had a good selection, I didn't need any more, but trying to find a few more pale blue or turquoise ones has been impossible.

I also finished the two little cushions I have been making I am loving the quilting design so it's going to be hard parting with them. Blast, I have accidentally just deleted the photo of the other cushion, so cannot show a picture of that one. I'll take another photo tomorrow and upload it then.
Edit: Whoops - I've wrapped and given the other cushion away without taking a photo.

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