Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Can you guess what it is yet?

It's me making a mess of maths is what it is! Tch and sadly not for the first time either.....

I do wish I wasn't so arithmetically challenged... My Mama says my writing isn't that hot either, but we will gloss over that for the moment.

It should have worked - I wrote it all down, used the calculator an' everything.... But still I need to make more strips..... Doh. I was hoping to get this at least quilted this afternoon.Never mind, it'll have to wait until Thursday now because I'm at work tomorrow.

In the meanwhile you might like to feast your eyes on the goodies on this extraordinary website Chic Girl found..... As she says: "just goes to show: more is....err..... more...."
Mmmm. Indeed it is.


  1. Tree skirt? Maths is a four letter word - oops can't count again!

  2. Yes it is hopefully a tree skirt. Nearly finished it now. I do wish I was better at maths - it's turned out much bigger than I anticipated too.