Wednesday, 2 December 2009

It's all over now

This year BQL members have been making perpetual calender quilts. Here are mine:
January: Each month is a new little quilt.
February: Hopefully showing someone who is particpating a new quilting skill or a different way of doing a block.
March: If nothing else it's great looking at all the colour combinations and variations in arrangements.

I have enjoyed designing the blocks.
May: I have enjoyed writing each little tutorial.
June: I have greatly enjoyed looking at the photos that everyone has uploaded.
July: What I have not enjoyed is all the other stuff that goes with it.
August: So next year I am taking a break - I think I have earned it.
September: Maybe later on next year I will be eager to design another challenge.
October: Next year I intend to concentrate on learning how to do more with my camera and Paint Shop Pro.
November: I also want to try and make some more quilts!


  1. You have totally earned a year off! You have also earned tremendous respect for managing to produce great projects every month for two years, and not complaining when your macros went missing and created lots more work for you or when any of the other junk happened. Thank you, thank you!
    Now, go and metaphorically put your feet up,


  2. Oh what a lovely thing to say, Plum. You are so sweet. I think a little break is good and hopefully everyone will be raring to go for the next challenge. Sad thing that I am, I already have an idea.......

  3. Wow Kandy, they all look amazing! Well done!

  4. Thank you very much, very kind of you to say so. I think when you put a group of quilts together they do tend to look much better than the odd one or two - try it and see. I kind of wish I had made them all toning or used the same fabrics throughout - especially having seen some of the others, but never mind, I'm not re-doing them!