Monday, 28 September 2009

Am I being thrifty or just a cheapskate?

I found some goodies in Asda for just £1 each:
Mini hair bands: I thought these'll be good for putting round bobbins to stop 'em unravelling.

HUGE hair clips: (I've put some 'normal' size ones next to them for comparison). I think these might be good to use when folding binding down around quilts. I also found a calculator for 57p!!!!! No batteries needed either. Showing my age here, but when I think back to my school days - calculators cost a comparative fortune. I even had to save up pocket money to buy one.


  1. I'll better be off to ASDA. I think they look navvy. Thanks for the tip.

  2. I only went in there for some oven cleaner - amazing what you can find when you are not really looking eh?!

  3. Hey Kandy, what a briliant idea such a simple solution to all those bobbins unravelling, Right, Asda this is.
    love Irene V.