Monday, 21 September 2009

Hello Wembley......

Guess where Himself & I went on Saturday?First time we have seen the new stadium - it's huge.
Last November I bought us two tickets for Coldplay (if I'd bought four, I could have sold the spares to the numerous touts outside):
The support acts were: White Lies, Girls Aloud and JayZ - what a diverse bunch eh?The stadium filling up.
We have now seen JayZ twice in eighteen months! Though I have to say, he seemed more bearable this time.... Oh nooooooo - does this mean I'm actually getting to like his music?
Coldplay were amazing (my photos though, are not, sorry!)

Coldplay played:

'Life In Technicolor'
'Violet Hill'
'In My Place'
'Yellow' (with hundreds of yellow balloons bubbling up through the audience.)
'Glass of Water'
'Cemeteries of London'
'Fix You'
'Strawberry Swing'
'God Put A Smile Upon Your Face'
'The Hardest Part'
'Postcards From Far Away'
'Viva La Vida'
'Trouble' (With Simon Pegg joining them onstage to do the harmonica part)
'Death Will Never Conquer'
'Rhyming Song'
'Billie Jean'
'Viva La Vida (Remix)'
'Lovers In Japan' (with multi coloured confetti butterflies blowing through the audience.)
'Death And All His Friends'
'The Scientist'
'Life In Technicolor II'
'The Escapist'

We had fireworks for two tracks, but I cannot remember which ones. Coldplay finished just before 11pm, after telling us we would all be given a free CD to say thank you. It's a good cd too (nine, live tracks)This is part of the huge arc above the stadium:

We stayed with our lovely rellies in Ruislip, who completly pampered us for the weekend.
The following morning we went to Alperton High Street to wander around the Indian shops. We went past a new (Hindu?) temple nearing completion:

I think it looks very exotic and somewhat incongruous nestled amongst the rather tatty pre-war houses and scruffy looking shops nearby.
Lots of glittery and shiny polyester fabrics in this shop, but I did find some loose woven 100% cotton fabric (turban cloth) in both plain black and white which was just what I was looking for. The white fabric went into the washing machine last night and I'm going to iron it now and see how much it has shrunk by, I'm expecting the shrinkage to be considerable, which is why I bought plenty!


  1. Hello Kandy, and thanks for a lovely day at your house. Just found your new blog and looked at the photos. Very busy family.
    Love your sewing.

  2. Ah, Thank you Pascale, I had a really lovely day too:-) I've just written a little about today in another post. I'll send your EQ6 virtual quilt to you in an e-mail.