Friday, 11 September 2009

This time last Year......

Himself and I went to Bath to go pig huntin'.....

We bought a map listing where each pig was and had a great day seeking them out, with a few stops to take in refreshments.
Here are some of the pigs we found:


  1. Alas I never got time to see the pigs myself in person, but the grandparents took boy*jelly to find as many of them as they could.
    We have a souvenir poster on the wall of all the pigs.

  2. Thanks for your comment. We managed to find most of the pigs (we bought a map), I took loads more pig photos! It was a long, but very enjoyable day, helped by the lovely weather of course. We also went to the yard where the repairs were done and spoke to some lovely people about the project and how the pigs were treated/mistreated by the public - fascinating. I would have liked to buy a mini pig, but didn't see them anywhere and the full size ones were well out of my price range, So I bought the (huge)poster too, I have yet to find wall space for it though. How about you?