Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Bristol to Paris - day 2

Lanky Boy, the Whizz Kid and their bikes are all safely on the ferry and now sailing to Calais - hurrah. Only two punctures today (both within the space of five minutes of each other.) The boys are enjoying a cold beer each and Lanky Boy is resting his right knee - which he tells me is very painful. I do hope this doesn't scupper their chances of cycling to Paris.

Still, tomorrow is another day..............
EDIT: The Whizz Kid mending his second puncture: The white cliffs of Dover:Lanky Boy on the phone to me and enjoying a beer on the ferry:
Supper had to be in MacDonalds - the only place still open at 10pm on a Monday night:Here is the Whizz Kid eating a "Croque McDo"


  1. I hope that the boys make it to Paris OK.

    I have enjoyed catching up with your blog (you kept the start of it jolly quiet). I now have an urge to find vintage fabrics and soft colours, which doesn't at all fit in with my typical colour palette!

    MUST get back on track with my Bunny Hill BOM.....!


  2. Thanks very much Plum - we are all keeping our fingers crossed too.

    Ah, soft colours? yes, I never used to touch them either, but when I'm making stuff for me to live with they fit in with the house better. I'll have to do some 'Homes and Gardens' photos for the blog....