Tuesday, 26 July 2011

A spot of quilting....

I've been doing a spot of quilting..........
Just simple squiggle stitching, but so useful as a 'filler' stitch and so good to do while listening to my ipod.
I have marked the outer borders with a curvy line to now sew some free form 'feathers'. The blue pen washes out with water.
Am now wondering if I need to do just a little more quilting in the blank squares......
 The fabrics and wadding have not been washed as yet, because I want a vaguely vintage look to the quilt.  When the binding is on I will wash it in the machine on a 60 degree wash and this will shrink everything slightly.


  1. Wow Kandy! this is stunning!!

  2. Kandy, I love the simplicity of the quilting and no, I wouldn't add anything else to the blank blocks!!

  3. Ooh Kandy, I love this just as it us!

  4. My, you have done this quilt so quickly.
    Love your photos from holidays in Brittany. I remember Dinan as a beautiful town.
    We are going on holidays Friday, and hope to move house soon. I'll have to show you the new one.
    With love. Pascale

  5. You're on fire. Where oh where do you get the time?
    No I'm not about to sew with Pellon, I'm a member of a Church sewing forum who were debating what to put inside a Bishop's mitre and I'd never heard of it before.

  6. Thank you everyone for all your lovely comments.
    Pascale, I'm looking forward to seeing the new house. Joey JoJo, I don't know where I find the time, but I could always do with some more! Pellon is good stuff.