Monday, 25 July 2011

Butter yellow quilt.

 It always starts off innocently enough, I fall in love with some fabric, in this case Moda's  Lily & Will in a butter yellow colourway and my favourite plain fabric - Kona 'snow' from Simply Solids.........
 I just cut a few tiny slices of fabric to make some 3/4" squares.....
 Just a few more bits of fabric added here and there......

And before I know it - I've got enough for a small quilt top
 Add a 3/4" wide border, then a slightly wider border to do some fancy quilting in....
 Better get on with it then, hadn't I?


  1. Lovely! It's going to be gorgeous with your quilting!

  2. Lots of great open places for quilting!!!!

  3. Thanks, I've got to admit, seeing the effect of the quilting is my favourite bit, so I do deliberatly leave empty spaces for it.