Tuesday, 19 July 2011

At last......

I've made* a loaf of bread that looked and tasted like 'real' bread and not something that I could have built a house with!
After spending a weekend with some very dear friends and scoffed their very successful bread machine bread, I bought the same brand of machine as theirs (£75, from John Lewis) and some ingredients from Sainsbury's. This morning we woke up to the most delicious smell coming from the kitchen.......
 I cannot believe how easy it was too - the most difficult thing was measuring out all the ingredients (which reminds me,  I must find a quarter of a teaspoon measure from somewhere.) I made the multi seeded white loaf.  My friend did warn me that JL don't supply the recipe book - which seems uncharacteristically petty of them. I had to search online for it as oddly they don't even give a hint where to find it in the instructions or on their website.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm fresh bread;

and fresh coffee;
  My one critism is that it tastes just slightly sweet - I might do just a little bit of tweeking.

* Strictly speaking, the machine made the loaf, not me - and that's probably why it's edible!


  1. Hi Kandy I have been making bread for years in a bread machine and I don't add any sugar unless it is a sweet bread I am making. Happy bread making.

  2. Sounds lovely! and remember, you don't have to get to the full blown loaf to enjoy it. We used ours to make dough which we then used to make homemade pizzas - delicious!
    Have fun playing with your new gadget!

  3. Ok, I will try it without any sugar and see what it turns out like, as you have said it works. My friend said to ensure sucess, follow the recipe to the letter, so I did!

    My next loaf will be wholemeal (with 'extra bits')as that's the bread we normally like to eat.

    Oooh yes pizza dough- thanks for the idea. Saw that recipe in the book, I'll have to give it a try.