Monday, 11 July 2011

Grandmothers Flower Garden

Making hexagons is quite a soothing occupation and great for doing in the evening or when catching up with programmes recorded on Sky+!
Cutting out all the foundation papers is a tedious job that needs some concentration to cut on the lines accurately.
Using a Jelly Roll strip is rather wasteful, but I do love the fabrics, so necessary.

I need to cut out an awful lot of hexagons
Pinning the foundation papers on to the fabrics
each hexagon needs tacking - this takes ages!

One layout suggestion - not sure about that plain grey fabric though....
Chic Girl says she prefers this layout and since this little quilt will probably end up at her house, I'll go with the Grandmothers Flower Garden layout.
Hand stitching the 'flowers' together.
A close up of one 'flower'.
Easy to hand stitch these together while watching TV.
But no good doing any stitching if I need to pay close attention!


  1. Love your hexagons, Grandmother!

  2. Ha ha ha thanks, I'm not a Grandmother quite yet, but in a couple of months, yes indeed:-) 'spose I'd better get cracking and make some quilts.....

  3. I did some for a class, and enjoyed them far more than I expected!

  4. I too, enjoyed doing them far more than I expected, it's a shame I've run out of the 'Bliss' fabrics:-( I will now have to carry on with my 'other' hexie project, however I'm expecting that to take years!

    Thanks Frances- it's kind of you to say so.

  5. Hexagons BEAUTIFUL!!!