Monday, 19 July 2010

Look what I managed to grow.....

Every year I try and grow something to eat - some years I have better success than others - I usually do well with cucumbers but both last year and this year have been disastrous. Chillies are usually a doddle for me to grow (which is a laugh when I barely use them at all!) and I can usually manage to grow a tomato or two, courgettes last year didn't grow any sizable fruits they just rotted at the tips when they were only a few centimetres long - so it was a huge surprise to me when I spotted these fabulous babies growing on two different yellow courgette plants - though I don't know why two of them from the same plant have pointed tips? Please does anyone know why this should be.  There are a couple more yellow courgettes to come too - so I'm really pleased, although I don't think I'm going to get hundreds of courgettes. My yellow tomato plant has yet to produce a flower, never mind a fruit, so I'm not at all impressed with that. I think we also might get more than two figs from our fig tree this year, although I've probably jinxed that now!

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