Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Glastonbury 2010 part two

Ran out of time the other day, so here are some more Glasto photos:
Orange patchwork flags
Pink flags each one a patchwork quilt top!
Below: Pinwheel block flags
A Above: pond made just for Glasto in Green Futures
Below: Seth Lakeman in the Croissant Neuf tent - it was so bright the colour is a little washed out here - but in reality this was vibrant red, yellow and orange.
Below: The tower in The Park, we had intended to climb up the steps, but each time we looked there was a huge queue and we didn't fancy waiting! Maybe next year......
Twighlight in Arcadia, time to go as it all gets very very busy and incredibly noisy after dark.
The Edge with Muse performing Where The Streets Have No Name. Superb.

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