Sunday, 11 July 2010

Glastonbury 2010

Apologies for leaving it soooo long in between posts - Life/work just got in the way.

We went to Glastonbury again this year and for the very first time since I've been going it didn't rain at all! Huzzah:-) Actually, if I'm honest it was probably too hot - but hey, better heat than mud we say.
 Here is the Whizz Kid, Champagne and Himself checking that our tent is all OK beforehand.
Happy 40th Birthday Glastonbury!
Patchwork '40' sign above the Park.
I was slightly worried about the ahem, facilities in all the heat, but clearly Mr Eavis had thought about it too and the emptying and cleaning was far better with small armies of blue t-shirted cleaners (poor souls, I do hope they got paid properly) I didn't gag once. Things are improving and about time too. There was also far more pathways, covered in a type of hogging, small stone type of stuff which I imagine in the (more usual) wet weather will be less likely to turn into the knee deep sticky quagmire we have experienced before. Of course the grit wasn't needed this year, in fact they had trucks sprinkling the pathways with water to try to keep the dust down! We even saw a few people trying to make some mud, presumably just so they could say they have truly been to  Glasto (they must have been first timers!)  The Whizz Kid and Chic Girl were kind enough to take our tent and pitch it for us on Wednesday morning as we couldn't get there until the Thursday. Just as well they did as the camping fields were all packed - seems virtually everyone arrived early so they could watch the England football game on the Pyramid stage  on Wednesday afternoon. Apparently the audience was a hundred thousand strong, so it was the biggest ever TV audience in one place. 

Above: The BBC Studios  - they were just to the left of the Pyramid Stage.
 Above: White flags at West Holts stage.

Above: Stripy flags at the Pyramid Stage. Below: Faithless amongst all the flags
: People carry flags and stand right in front of the stage,  it then makes it very difficult for the rest of us to actually see anything on the stages, I had to take so many photos to try and get a decent shot of anyone performing, and still wasn't really happy, it's not as if Glastonbury wasn't decorated enough already!Above: Wicker woman and flowers near the Green Fields. Below: Follow That Snail!
Himself and I with huge carved pine cones in Green Futures
Huge patchwork covered letters near the boundry fence above The Park Keane playing in the Acoustic tent.
Below: Kylie with The Scissor Sisters
Above: Lunch at Henrys Beard Cafe - our favourite eateryMetal machines in Arcadia
Muse - who were rather good:-)

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  1. Great Photos!!! Looks like you had a wonderful weekend.