Saturday, 3 April 2010

It's so nice to see you again ....

I sewed some more of the little log cabin blocks yesterday:
Although the originals have three 'rounds' of logs,I think I will do at least one extra round on each one.

I managed to do some sewing just before Chic Girl and the Whizz Kid arrived from Stanstead airport looking absolutly shattered due to leaving the house at 3am. Poor Chic Girl missed her plane back to Spain yesterday because her 15k luggage allowance was a measly 1kg over (which would have cost her an extra £20) she removed a couple of items from her case and queued up again at the same desk, only to be told it was the wrong queue, so she went to join another queue , eventually got to the desk and was then told by a bored and unhelpful young man that she had missed boarding her flight by 9 minutes. She has another flight booked (at extra cost of course) for 8am, tomorrow (Easter Sunday) - lets hope she doesn't miss this one (Actually, that's not true, I wouldn't be in the least bit upset!). Sadly for her though, this is the only UK airline to fly to Santiago De Compostela, so if she wants to get to work, she has no choice but to use Ryanair.

Got back from a lovely day out at my Parents house at 6.19 this evening and we virtually ran down the path to see the new Doctor Who on BBC1 tonight at 6.20pm! It was a good start to the series.Matt Smith is pretty impressive, I mean he's no David Tennant, but I think we will all get used to him and like him very quickly - he seems to be very believable as the next Time Lord. The Dr Who Confidential programmes on BBC3 are excellent and well worth watching if you are a fan/nerd:-)


  1. I love your quilt but am REALLY excited to hear that the new Dr. Who series is starting. I will have to watch for it here!!!! Enjoy!!

  2. Ooh yes – it really was very, very good and it felt a little more adult too – it’s got just enough ‘scare’ for me without being too frightening (I’m the one who yelped out loud in the cinema at ‘Sleepy Hollow’ – the family has never let me forget it!) How long do you have to wait before you can see the new Dr Who? Does the BBC iPlayer not work in the USA?