Monday, 26 April 2010

New books

I ordered some books from The Book Depository - to be honest the Whoopie Pies and Macaron books are probably more to drool over than actually do anything with! To make any Whoopie pies, apparently I need some Crisco  - errrrrr Whaaaat?

To make macarons, I mostly need patience as lots can and probably will go wrong - still, I might give them a go as I really do love eating them.


  1. Do you want me to send you some Crisco? It is a solidified vegetable oil (REALLY bad for you). When we were in Australia, I would often substitute butter for the Crisco. I found a website that gives some other ideas. Check out

    Have fun!!!

  2. Hi Kandy, I think you can substitute Trex or cookeen for Crisco, these are probably equally as bad!

  3. Ah, thanks for the offer Frances, very sweet of you, but no thanks. I Googled Trex & Cookeen and as Stitchinscience says (Thanks A.)these UK vegetable shortenings should do almost as well, although Crisco is slightly healthier - ha ha ha ha ha. The Whoopie book says not to use butter as it makes the whoopies 'heavy'.

    Himself said his Mum used to use Trex for herpastry, he thought it was just lard - mmmmm nice;-p

    Aren't the pics and descriptions on the foodsubs site attractive? - bleugh! Puts you right off.