Sunday, 25 April 2010

Renovations and improvements

I've done a bit of tarting up on my blog and also some table renovations.
Earlier in the year, I won bought a gorgeous solid wood coffee table on e-Bay*. Chic Girl and I collected it from Bristol and it's been sat here waiting for me to tart it up ever since. Miraculously there's nothing wrong with the top (I suspect they had kept it covered), but the rest was just a little scruffy.
Here is the table 'Before':
 After a sanding and the undercoat:
 The drawers showing the tarnished brass back plates, which I have removed now:
 The finished article:

Another e-Bay buy - A Laura Ashley side table that had some serious water marking on the top and was filthy:

After a good sanding, but before painting:
 The finished table:
* Hint - you often can buy stuff for a better price and with fewer bidders, if you can find 'collect only' furniture local to you.
Oh and we finally went to see Alice In Wonderland, in 3D, no less. The chap at our local cinema was very excited to tell us that 'they' only got 3D installed a couple of weeks ago, but he was then most apologetic about the fact that we had to pay an extra 80p each for our 3D glasses, we were expecting a couple of cardboard pairs, but surprisingly we got these:

Which we can keep apparently - errrr, woo hoo I think..... but we mustn't use them as sunglasses!
Himself didn't think it was as good a film as Avatar for the 'FX' and I can see his point. But I still enjoyed it. Helena Bonham-Carter stole the show as the red queen, The Mad hatter was OK, but I found the white queens bushy eyebrows and dark lips extremely distracting. I think it's another one of those films that when the DVD comes out, I will enjoy looking at the textures in more detail.


  1. I love the tables. They are a great addition to your living room! I have fond memories of this room since we spent several hours here looking at ALL of your wonderful quilts....a fun memory from my trip!!!

  2. Thanks Frances, shame you live so bloomin far away - I'd love to see all your quilts in the flesh. Think of you each time we go on the tube, they now have "No photographs" signs up. I wonder if it was us that caused them?!