Tuesday, 16 March 2010

We Start Partys EP Launch

On Sunday evening we went to Joe Publics in Bristol to see The Whizz Kids younger Brother, Elys, play with his band We Start Partys. It was a lovely friendly gig with plenty of other family members there to see their boys do well.

I think the most unexpected sight of the night had to be a very elegantly dressed 'middle class' Mama, sashay her way to the front to see her boy perform with his band called Poster Boys. The band started up, the main vocalist started singing and then her son all dressed in black with more than a touch of Noel Fielding about him started, errrr, growling/roaring menacingly, actually I'm not sure what it's called, but it sounded fierce. The Mama bopped away, clearly having the time of her life - and good on her too!

Himself tried to hide at the back: no way was he getting squashed with everyone else!

We Start Partys (yes, that is their way of spelling it) launched their EP on Sunday. I hope it does well for them, because the music sounds great. All three tunes on the EP are very catchy - so catchy in fact that I couldn't sleep properly that night because I had the words to Frontin' going around my head - argghhh.

I took lots of photos both of the band and also the audience and uploaded them all on to Facebook, I didn't realise that being the 'owner' of the photos would mean I had to 'allow' everyone to 'tag' themselves and their friends in the photos - so my inbox has been chock-a-block with requests. The Whizz Kid (the black arrow points him out) recorded the whole set for Chic Girl as she couldn't be there - she was missed by us all.

After the WSP gig finished, Jagermeister freebies were being handed out by a couple of pneumatic, smiley young women wearing tight orange dresses that I swear would have been snug on just one of my thighs! I was given first a bandanna/scarf and then each of the girls put a lei around my neck:imagine my surprise that the scarf is 100% cotton...... I'll have to try and think of something inventive to do with it. Which given the colour and design will be challenging. When the smiling girls then came around offering lurid orange test tubes filled with some alcoholic liquid, I gracefully declined - I'll stick to Joe Public G&T's with lime quarters - mmmm, very refreshing:-)
We oldies took over one of the booths


  1. Sounds as if you all had a good time in Bristol. Can't say I miss this town much since I only ever went out twice to see The Phantom and Les Mis and otherwise avoid it totally.
    Hmm to the orange scarf, how about doing some tiny inserts, a la (it's a Geman saying but do't ask me what it stands for, LOL.) Anne W. on dark brown fabric?


  2. That's a jolly good idea Angelika. Tiny inserts - brilliant. K x