Monday, 8 March 2010

Thread addict

These are the threads that are giving me trouble:I bought them at the Festival Of Quilts. I tried them out a couple of times, but since they haven't been well behaved I've kind of ignored them and gone back to one of my more reliable threads.
Here's what went wrong: Not good is it?

Call me naive but if I'm paying full whack for threads, I expect them to behave with very little tweaking or fooling around. Especially when they are only poly for goodness sakes. I know that metallics need a special needle and I am prepared to sew at snail speed for them. I am prepared to do the same with my Indian Natesh rayon threads, although I now prefer the softer tones of Madeira Polyneon. Same lovely sheen, same delicious range colours and they work with only a slight loosening of the tension.

Hmmm, I really ought to get rid of the Natesh threadsAnyone want to make me an offer?

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  1. Not an offer, Kandy, but these threads look like the troublesome I had from Madeira some years ago. They haven't got a 'foot' on and tend to slip down the reel and then the thread gets stuck and breaks. I cut a cirle out of cardboard and cut a hole in the middle so that it slips over the reel. I also use a thread net for the troublesome threads as you Hemmingworth. Also, sometimes it helps if you have a thread post so the threads comes down from a hight.
    Just something to try out.