Tuesday, 23 March 2010

As one thing finishes......

This is what the sky looks like at 6.30 in the morning - I don't often see it this early!

Finished, the left hand 'Steam punk' cushion:Huzzah.

I do miss my sewing room - especially after visiting a fellow BQL member who lived quite near to our friends (thank goodness for the Sat Nav!).

A.W. treated me to a personal quilt show. Wow, what a prolific and competant lady. Of course no visit to a quilter is complete without a peek at their sewing area too. After viewing the WIP on her design wall, I'm quite inspired to have a go at some 'skinny inserts' after seeing how good they look in the flesh. A.W. got the idea from both Dianne Hire and Alison Schwabe. I have the Dianne Hire book - Quilters Playtime - so will have to dig it out and give it a go.

In the meanwhile, I've been fooling around with some left over windmill blocks and seeing what different alternate blocks might look like:I wondered if this red check fabric:might be better toned down slightly with a thin white cotton overlay:
or:What do you think?


  1. Love the diagonal gingham with the pinwheels - and think that it looks lovely both ways, but might depend on where it's going to go. If it were mine I'd probably go bold on the red and then wonder where to put it!

    Love the steam punk cushion - beautifully piped too!

    Plum XX

  2. pale blue spots for me!!
    love the cushion


  3. Thank you both for your input - hmmmm, trouble is I like all the versions, so will probably procrastinate some more...... };-p

    I love my cushion too and the piping is kick ass even though I do say so myself!

  4. Just thinking about that red chack - what is the wrong side like - would it save you having to use the white overlay?

  5. Doh! How stoopid am I? Didn’t even give that a thought – you clever girl. I’ll go and have a look now (though I still might not do anything with it until someone has a baby, It'll make a good cot quilt!)

    Thanks v muchly though.