Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Buttons and cushions

In 1994 my Mother gave me lots of Mother Of Pearl buttons, some of which were from her Mama. I've kept them in a little labelled pot ever since, adding a few more when my Mother In Law, gave me her sewing box four or five years ago. I came across them recently and realised how decorative they all are and I would like to see them all the time. So I made a little stuffed heart yesterday and last night while watching TV, I sewed on lots of buttons. I finished sewing this morning, grateful that no corresponding buttonholes were needed! The stuffed heart weighs a flippin' ton! Who knew a few buttons could be so heavy? London's Pearly Kings and Queens have my admiration, they must have incredible stamina.
P.C. kindly sent me a photo of her little wallhanging so I am able to share it here: I do enjoy making these little wallhangings, the stitchery is just enough to complete in an evening.

I've also been practicing my piping skills...... This is the cushion that went horribly wrong with the Hemingworth threads. Here it is just after I finished the stitching the letters: And here is the finished article: I'm really pleased with it now

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