Monday, 4 January 2010

Party, party, party

On New Years Day we went over to Bristol because Chic Girl and the Whizz Kid were having a party. It was a Zombie party, but we totally forgot we were supposed to dress up - doh! Never mind, Himself and I were still allowed in. We hoped we could watch David Tennant do his last Dr Who. (Boo hoo.) Chic Girl wanted to watch it too, so we sat down together in one room with the TV, while other people made party preparations in the rest of the house.
Chic girl as the Cheerleader in Heroes: Even zombies have to eat:
The Whizz kid was a pirate zombie, with his brother as a Smurf and his beautiful sister as a spider woman!:
Do you think maybe he should think about switching to de-caff after lunch?
That huge tarantula only wants a Bacardi & coke:

The food was superb, my favourite being a whole salmon cooked over a welcome barbecue. A tall zombie king had made a delicious 'guts' dip which was mainly beetroot - there was also 'brains' which was a garlic-y horseradish dip. Yum.

Chic Girl lost her pom poms to this party girl who clearly had paying close attention to how it was done, she danced in time to the music very well indeed.

Before it got too late in the evening, we all walked over to a local playing fields to set off some fireworks. After a few drinkies this seemed like a 'very good idea' - however, standing in the freezing pitch black with something akin to the 1812 overture going off in front of us - we did discuss what we would do if the police came. Some wag thought we should aim for a 'super ASBO' between us, but a few people pointed out that their jobs might be at risk, so some settled on a fictitious local address's and everyone else decided that scattering in all directions to anywhere except the Whizz Kid and Chic Girls house was the best course of evasion from the law. As each car drove past, we all looked around nervously and tried not to look suspicious, which looking back on it now, considering 95% of us were dressed as zombies was probably rather optimistic. Fortunately the boys in blue did not turn up, so we carefully (it was very icy) made a hasty retreat back to the house. Later on we went into the back garden where the fire was heating up nicely and let off some sky lanternsSomeone suggested that it would be a good idea if the air inside was warmed over the fire and they were far easier to light and float up, unlike the ones we launched on Christmas day.

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