Friday, 8 January 2010

Driving with idiots and then sewing squares

n Back to work today and a very scary, slooooow drive it was too. Oh, the main roads were fine, but getting the car off our sloping drive and down our snowbound road and out of our village - ugh, just horrible. What shocked me was the number of F*%$!wits that insisted on driving not ten* centimetres from my back bumper. Presumably they felt the traffic wasn't going quite fast enough for them because they were driving in their 4x4's. Wasn't just me who noticed this either, as both Himself and my boss said they had had the same experience. My boss even had one bloke who overtook her when it wouldn't have been safe without any snow, let alone in todays conditions. Tch, cretins.

*Ok - I know, I know, you've told me a million times not to exaggerate, so maybe it was only twenty centimetres from my bumper then!

Yesterday I had great fun sorting through my 'Japanese' fabrics, well only one or two are genuinely Japanese (slightly different 'feel' and weave to them,) the rest are American but with a 'Japanese' design. Anyway, I wanted to make a cushion cover and so started cutting lots of one and a half inch strips and then squares. Sewed them all together: backed them with some 80/20 white wadding and quilted the black squares with a squiggle design, using Superior Threads black bobbinfil in the bobbin and Superiors Rainbow 844/Midnight Shadows on top. Hmmm, I promise I have quilted these squares Look, here's the back so you can see:The squiggly slightly messy bottom left bit, is my 'tester' piece, which is cut off later when I square up my rectangle - ha ha ha, that makes perfect sense doesn't it? I shall finish this cushion tomorrow - more pics then.

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  1. See I'm catching up with you. I'd also better post something as well on my blog.
    I love your last cushion, and think you are addicted to very small squares. It makes me want to try as well, although I'm trying to finish a UFO.