Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Kindle cover

The Whizz Kid asked me if I could make him a Kindle cover as he was worried about the screen breaking as he carted it around to and from work.
It was my pleasure. First I asked him what colour he wanted  "Blue please"  OK, easy so far.

Dug out some of my more 'manly' blue fabrics and discovered a hole in one fabric, last used when I taught a fabric postcard class and took some of my fabrics for people to help themselves to (nothing quite like other peoples stashes to be able to dive into eh?!).  Why on earth would someone do this? It's not even as if there was a motif they needed!

Anyway,  I showed Whizz Kid some fabrics and asked him to pick out as many as he wanted for his cover - this threw him a bit,  you could see the confusion going through his mind so Chic Girl pointed out he could choose absolutely anything as it was being created just for him.

Anyway fabric choices made, I sewed some strips together, I didn't want to do anything too 'fancy' it had to be simple. I then offered him a choice of contrast and bindings - aha, he's now caught on to the concept of 'custom made' and chose a rather 'jazzy' stripe to add some pizzaz.

If I was making this for anyone else I would have used two poppers, one on each corner  but I know The Whizz Kid and just one popper is what he will actually use to keep his Kindle safe.
I made a Pellon stiffener and added three layers of cotton wadding to fit the screen exactly.
 I also made a strap with a caribineer clip attached so it can be attached to his backpack/belt loop/laptop bag to save it getting lost.
I enjoyed doing quilting.

The whizz kid was pleased with the finished article:-)


  1. That's fab. I made a cover for my iPad - I cut the end off a pair of jeans, stitched up the cut end, and cut two hand holes in the hemmed end. It does the job, but you win in style, appearance and class LOL

  2. I just bought a Kindle and will have to try this!! Thanks for showing all of the details.

  3. Lovely cover, and I really like the idea of the clip on the end of it. I think that I might have to steal this idea for non-losable purses for the girls!

  4. Thanks for all your lovely comments. I enjoyed making this - although to warn you Frances, the wadding 'window' was fiddly to get in just the right place. Caribineers are so useful - finding them in the shops can be challenging though!

  5. That's wonder he is pleased with it...

  6. Just found you after doing a search for Pellon stiffener. This is one very beautiful bag. Congratulations. xx jo.L